Dangerous Liaisons – Elise’s NEW NOVEL

Chloe Baker and Megan Priestley have been best friends since they were eight years old and throughout the years they become inseparable. As the girl’s progress through their teenage years, Chloe becomes obsessed with Logan, Megan’s father who is happily married to Martha. Chloe’s obsession becomes so intense, she will not let anything stand in the way of making Logan Priestley her own. She does not care who or what she destroys in the process.

Dangerous Liaisons tells the disturbing story of when giving in to temptation can be the worst mistake you could ever make.

Forbidden Love and Second Chances are Elise’s first two novels.

They tell the love story of Helen whose father died of cancer when she was a teenager.  Seeing the nurses care for her father she decided to pursue a career in nursing,  She was in a relationship with David for most of her teenage years yet she never had the spark she had witnessed between her parents before she lost her father.

When Marcus Edwards (38) joined the university where she was training, there was an instant attraction.  They tried to ignore it, Helen being only 18 and in a relationship, but more importantly relationships between tutors and students were strictly forbidden.  Drawing inspiration from the song by The Police Don’t Stand So Close to Me, Forbidden Love and Second Chances follow the love triangle between Helen, David and Marcus, and the impact it has on their lives and careers.

Both novels are set in the city of Lincoln and include reference to local establishments and businesses who all consented to be featured.

All Elise’s books have been first read by her mother Pam Smith then proof read and edited by Keleigh Carter